"A good gig is like a good shag," Charli XCX thought to herself in a British accent, and smiled cheekily. It was the third night of the Charli and Jack Do America tour, and the eponymous starlet was relaxing in her dressing room after her performance. As she dabbed at the sweat on the back of her neck with a black and white checker print hand towel, Charli's mind, spiked with post-show endorphins, wandered to thoughts of her tourmate Jack Antonoff, guitarist of the Grammy-award winning indie rock band fun., and frontman of Bleachers. Though he wasn't tall or traditionally "handsome," Charli found something intriguing about Jack. He had a charisma, a punk intensity that was very appealing. "Besides, he looks cute in those thick-framed glasses," Charli thought.

At 31, Jack had now been touring for half his life. At 15, he and his bandmates in the punk band Outline used a DIY guide to book shows in numerous states, including Florida and Texas, and borrowed his parents' minivan to travel in. During the tour, Outline played in venues such as anarchist bookstores, and that's when Jack fell in love with touring. [Wikipedia] "So why," he wondered, "does this tour feel different?" There was a special energy about it, an extra spark. He felt like his voltage had been cranked up. Jack's reverie was interrupted by his ringtone, "Burn" by Ellie Goulding. It was his girlfriend, Lena Dunham, creator and star of the Emmy-award winning HBO show "Girls."

"Hey Len, what's up?"
"How was the show tonight, Jackie?" Did he detect an edge in her voice?
"Don't call me that. My mom calls me that. The show was good."
"I know your mom calls you that. How was Charli's set?" There was definitely an edge now. Jack was confused. Neither he nor Lena were usually the jealous type, and when the tour had first come up, they'd discussed it and she'd been fine with it, excited for him even. Not for the first time, Jack wished there was a DIY guide for relationships.

"It was good, " he tried to sound guileless. "I wish there wasn't so much vocal in the backing track, though."
"Maybe if you were expected to not only sing flawlessly, but to dance and look amazingly hot at the same time you would need more vocal tracks as well," Lena shot back.
"You're right, you're right," he said in surrender. "Is everything okay with you?"
Her tone softened. "Those fucking dorks at the Slate Culture Gabfest have just been shitting on us this season."